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We are a community resource, not salesmen. We pray for the day that we no longer are the lowest price provider of certified DNA testing in the Philippines so that we can devote all our energies to education and arranging financial assistance for those most in need.

We do this because we must: Technology has advanced year after year yet the prices charged by the major laboratories and their resellers/distributors remain unconscionably high throughout Southeast Asia. We do this because we can. As Hillel the Elder stated: If not now, when? To this we add: If not me, then who?

The DNA Hustisya Project

Certified testing from ₱3,900

Now you can afford to know

Prenatal Testing

Prove paternity before your baby is born

Prove paternity LONG before your baby is born

Available 9 weeks after conception

₱14,000 Lang

Because the sooner he knows, the better for you all

The most stringent testing procedures of anywhere in the world:


Split sample 2x testing

- every test is run twice

and by 2 different teams


Higher loci to assure a minimum 99.99% POP

Rapid 2 -3 day processing

We arrange financial assistance for those truly in need

Your barangay knows who really needs help

Our sponsors then match their charitable donations

Creating a total savings of up to 3,000 pesos

For example: Home test





Filipino-friendly Ordering and Payment processing

Wala credit card?

- Walang Problema!

Order Online or by Phone or Text

Pay at any of 20,000 Smart payment locations

Free Paternity Test

Before you spend a single peso on a DNA test ...

... you should first avail yourself of free blood type analysis

It's Fast

It's Free

It's Nearly Painless

A pin-prick can save you thousands of pesos

We tirelessly negotiate

with top-tier testing labs

to obtain their best services

at the lowest prices possible

then pass the savings on to you 

Discount DNA Paternity Tests

Latest Price Survey for the Philippines

Trio Test (Mother, Father and Child)

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Home Test
Legal Test
Immigration Family Test
DNA Hustisya: standard pricing₱6,900₱10,500₱12,500₱13,500
DNA Hustisya: net of financial assistance₱3,900₱7,500₱9,500₱10,500
Identigene (DNA Philippines)₱9,100Not listedNot listedNot listed
EasyDNA Philippines₱15,720Not listed₱20,800₱25,000
St Lukes Medical CenterNot offeredNot listed₱25,840 per person₱25,840 per person
DNA Diagnostic Center (Infinitech)₱15,000 - 18,750Not listed₱27,500₱27,500
Paternity Testing Corporation₱18,000Not listed₱18,000Not Listed
University of the PhilippinesNot offeredNot listed₱45,500₱65,500


Prenatal NIPT Sale
We have been granted a temporary price reduction on Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Tests from a premiere prenatal diagnostics lab.
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We are testing a new, more mobile friendly website. Please inform us of any difficulties that you encounter.
The DNA Hustisya Project
We are deeply committed to strengthening families, relationships, and human rights by providing access to accurate, affordable DNA testing. Godbless!


Do not pay extra to test the mother's DNA. Trio testing is the industry standard. It is unnecessary for modern labs to charge extra to include the mother's DNA because those costs are more than offset by the lower cost of analyzing the results when her DNA is available. Duo testing should only be performed if the mother is dead or in-hiding.