DNA Testing Services for ASEAN Countries

The DNA Hustisya Project has been asked to provide our affordable Paternity and Family Relationship DNA Testing services to other ASEAN countries. In response, we have created a new website which accepts payment in the 20+ local currencies in use across Southeast Asia and nearby friendly countries. We invite your comments as to how we [...]

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How to order a DNA Paternity Test Online on the Web in the Philippines

e-Commerce is still pretty new here in the Philippines so many people have not yet experienced the convenience of shopping online. Have no fear -- We're going to walk you through the process of choosing and purchasing a DNA Paternity or other DNA Relationship test step-by-step. We recommend that you first take a few minutes [...]

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Home vs. Legal DNA Tests (Part 2)-Specimen Collection

Specimens collected for official purposes must be provably authentic. That is easily accomplished by careful supervision of the specimen collection process and documentation thereof. The latter is called the chain of custody and so, not surprisingly, we often refer to these as "chain" tests in the DNA testing industry. Whereas Home tests are generally [...]

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Home vs. Legal DNA Tests (Part 1)

This series of articles discusses how DNA evidence is used in legal proceedings and provides you a peek behind the scenes into the business of DNA paternity testing and the legal system in order to assist you in selecting the best test for your needs. We begin with some facts that may surprise you: Home [...]

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DNA Paternity Test MicroSite

The Fastest, Easiest, and Cheapest way to obtain a DNA Paternity Test in the Philippines from an AABB Certified Lab Most people visit us to prove that a man is or is not the father of a child so we recently converted our home page into a MicroSite to make it as simple as possible [...]

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