Rarely do we need to charge anything beyond the price displayed on our website. We have refined our processes and procedures to the point that barely an elementary school education is required to obtain a high quality DNA test quickly and at low cost. Most cases proceed smoothly and clients often comment that it was much easier to do the test than it was to talk about it during pre-sales.

That being said, some clients have special needs and occasionally a client makes an error that requires additional services from us. In those instances, we reserve the right to charge for our time and expenses. And, if we feel it necessary, to discontinue service until payment is received and posted.

The most common mistake is providing incorrect or incomplete contact information, in particular the email address and shipping address. So please double-check those when entering your order. If you are a foreigner visiting the Philippines, be sure to provide us a local phone number, preferably a cell phone. Occasionally, clients send different information or specimens to the laboratory than that which they informed our office. This causes a flurry of emails and telephone calls between them, us, and the client to resolve the discrepancy. During which time your specimens must be placed in controlled storage at your expense.

We also encounter clients who invent their own way of doing things. If we were a jewelry store and asked for your ring size, sending us a picture of your finger might be easier than measuring your finger however is not what we asked for. Some clients think we are their personal secretaries and can’t be bothered to track their shipments or check their case status on our website. That is not the eCommerce way of doing things and so not included in the price of the test. If you absolutely insist we perform these services on your behalf, you may order our inexpensive concierge service on our website.

We remind you that you save a lot of money by using eCommerce however in return, you need to do things the eCommerce way. This means reading the product description and the Help/FAQ before purchasing, providing us accurate information, following our simple instructions, using our website, and responding to our emails in a timely manner. Do this and your test will proceed quickly and smoothly at the price quoted on our website.

Our charges for additional staff time are modest, typically ₱250 which is less than $5 USD for those not familiar with our currency. We are not getting rich off of these small charges. In fact, they usually do not cover our full cost. These charges can multiply quickly if you require us to prove to you that “we said what we say we said” so please use the search box on our website and your email to double-check before asking us for such proof. We wrote the materials so it is highly likely we are correctly informing you. If you find yourself writing “I was under the impression that …” you will save money if you correct your own misimpression rather than paying us to do it for you.

We understand that mistakes happen and we are not judging you. In return, you must understand that many of our clients are poor and it would be unfair to them for us to raise our prices in order to cover your mistakes.

Thank you for your understanding.