Anonymous DNA testing helps protect the identities of the test participants. Whereas secret DNA tests use found DNA specimens that do not require a test participant to be aware that they are participating in a DNA test. It is possible that both may apply to your case — you may wish us to anonymize the test report while keeping the testing process secret from some of the participants.

We offer anonymized test reports for most tests for a small fee. This is where we list roles (e.g. mother) instead of names on the test report. To prevent “misunderstandings” and outright fraud, you must not provide us fictitious names and you cannot be anonymous to us. You must always provide us true and correct names and other information about the billing contact and test participants.

We do not routinely challenge our clients regarding their identifies, ages and locations. However, if you cause us concern, we have the right and obligation to request IDs of the billing contact and test participants, proof of consent, proof that the person presented as the guardian of a minor is in fact so, and to charge you for our time to request and review these materials. This can delay your case and, if you are uncooperative, result in the forfeiture of monies paid.

Tell us early-on that you wish to conduct your test anonymously so that we can provide you instructions for doing so. Please be advised that you cannot change to/from anonymous reporting after you dispatch your specimens to our laboratory.