If you are considering a Chain or Legal test, we strongly encourage you to consult with an attorney and to have that attorney contact us before ordering. The tests themselves and notarized reports meet the highest standards so that is not the issue. Rather, our concern is that attorneys vary widely in their experience with DNA evidence as do the courts and government agencies that hear cases. It is therefore prudent for us to briefly discuss your specific case with the person you are entrusting to present your evidence. We do not charge extra for this service.

In general, the more important the outcome of the test is to you, the more likely you will benefit by consulting an attorney before selecting your test. A few possible exceptions come to mind:

  • When an inexpensive Informational test provides immediate benefits such as peace of mind or perhaps as a first-line defense against nuisance complaints.
  • When you are performing the test for well-defined official purposes such as  immigration and are not otherwise using the services of an immigration attorney. The embassy of the receiving country will provide you well defined procedures which we follow precisely.

In the Philippines, the Integrated Bar can assist you in locating a qualified attorney that fits your financial circumstances. We strongly encourage you to at least make inquiry.

We provide links to the IBP website in the reference section of this FAQ.

We are required to remind you that we are not attorneys and therefore are neither qualified, nor permitted, to offer legal advice.