We take your privacy very seriously as you should expect. This means that we can only provide test results to, and only discuss the case with, the client of record. Of course we must also respond to legitimate requests from authorized legal authorities however such requests are exceedingly rare. If you anticipate that your case might generate such inquiries, you might consider conducting your test anonymously.

The client of record is established at the time you place your order. Case ownership is usually a straightforward matter: The person who pays is the client of record. They provide us their name, address phone, and email information in the billing contact fields. The case owner is responsible for following any applicable laws and complying with our instructions and terms of service. They receive the test results report. While we are happy to assist all test participants with specimen collection, we cannot discuss any other aspects of your case with anyone other than the case owner.

Case ownership is usually not an issue as most of the time, the case owner is one of the test participants and lives with, or near, the other participants. Most of the time the Billing and Shipping address are the same and located in the Philippines. Most of the time there is no desire to keep this information secret from us.

If your situation is more complex, we encourage you to order a simple consultation prior to placing your order. Please know that it is it is no small matter to change the case owner in an active case due to security and privacy considerations. For example, we must take steps to assure that your case is not being hijacked. There will likely be charges for staff time to sort things out that exceed the small cost of this recommended consultation.

Some additional words of advice:

  1. You are welcome to purchase our services for use by another however you must still list yourself as the billing contact. To do otherwise when paying by credit card or PayPal is fraud and you will have made an irrevocable gift that transfers all rights, including that to obtain a refund, to the person you named.
  2. Providing us a Philippines cell number that we can text can be a lifesaver if you accidentally mistype your email address! Also, we remind you that couriers will not deliver without a local phone number so please provide one in the Special Instructions field if different from the billing contact’s phone.
  3. You would be amazed at the number of people who mistype their email address or forget to check their spam/junkmail folder. We greatly encourage you to register a user name with us prior to placing your order to assure that your email address is correct and our communications not being diverted to your spam/junk mail folder.
  4. DO NOT PROVIDE FAKE BILLING CONTACT Information or you could find yourself locked-out of your case and your payment forfeited. If you need to keep your identity secret from us be certain to read about Anonymous Testing before placing your order.

If you are not the legal guardian of a minor being tested and anticipate problems obtaining cooperation from the legal guardian, be sure to read about privacy and consent before providing us any information about the test participants.