Buccal (mouth) swabbing is highly accurate and super simple to perform. The FBI and police agencies all over the world use it. You see it on the crime shows on TV. Your DNA is the same everywhere in your body so there is no reason to puncture your body to obtain blood samples for DNA testing.

We provide written instructions and are available to supervise via video chat (Skype or Facebook) if you are nervous. In summary: you will insert each swab in your mouth, rub your cheek 10-20 times, let the swabs dry, place them in the envelope, then seal. Simple stuff we think you’ll agree. A common sense reminder for clients providing their own testing supplies: You should not proceed with your specimen collection in advance of receiving our illustrated instructions for the specific test that you purchased.

Swabbing does not differ between Home and Legal tests. Where the process differs is that specimen collection for Legal tests is witnessed and carefully documented in order to assure authenticity so that the results are acceptable for official purposes such as evidence in a court of law. We discuss this is greater depth in the product description and our blog posting and provide thorough instructions for you and your witness in with the testing supplies.