Laboratory services are lightening-fast: 85% of our paternity and maternity tests are processed in a single day. 98% within 2 business days. Labs often charge as much just for an upgrade to rush service as we do for the entire test which includes rush processing in our low price. Our laboratories are highly automated so we are able to process paternity and maternity tests quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

Dispatch your specimens on Monday by premium courier and you will almost always receive your results report the same week. Save with economy courier service and you will usually receive your test results early-to-middle the following week. We do not promise laboratory hours on weekends and holidays.

Registered mail is slower but only costs around ₱175. We purposely do not bundle specimen shipping into the price of our tests so that clients with extremely limited financial resources can still afford our high quality DNA testing by sending their specimens via inexpensive, slower Registered Mail. So your actual time to receive results will vary from less than a week to upwards of 3 weeks depending on how you choose to ship.

We pride ourselves on fast service however remind you that we are not a provider of emergency medical services. We do not promise instant response 24x7x365. Courier acceptance times vary and shipments can be delayed. Occasionally our lab becomes overloaded and needs an extra day to catch-up. So if you are on an extremely tight schedule where a day or two’s slippage could cause you great concern, kindly avail of a different provider.

We do our best to pack your testing supplies within one business day of our receipt of your paid order. Please remember that shipper acceptance and cutoff times tend to be somewhat loose in the Philippines so it is best to assume that the actual shipment of your supplies begins the the first business day after we pack your order.

Free shipping is via Registered Mail which can take anywhere from 3 days to a week (or more) to reach you depending on your location in the Philippines. Domestic Registered Mail is not trackable online so you will need to contact your local PHLPost office for updates. We highly recommend that you avail of inexpensive courier shipping for the small price of ₱250. Expedited shipping of your testing supplies via courier service is available as an option when you checkout. International shipments cost more and take a little longer, of course.

Shipping time is highly variable and beyond our control. We provide a tracking number so that you know where your supplies are and when they are due to arrive. Please monitor your shipment in case the courier has difficulty locating your house.