Modern DNA testing is easy and accurate so you will save a lot of money by reading through our website and then ordering here on our website. We accept a variety of payment methods including bank deposits and remittance processing so no worries if you do not have a credit card.

If you have never bought anything online and are unsure what buttons to click, we have prepared step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

You can order our popular home paternity test right from The DNA Hustisya Project Home page. If your needs are more complex, you can order from our full line of DNA paternity, relationship and forensic tests. The options are explained with each test and we have this extensive FAQ with further information and background.

Here are the simple steps required to obtain a DNA paternity test from a fully accredited lab:

  1. Order your test on this website. You will receive an email acknowledging your order and it will include payment instructions if you chose an offline payment method. If paying offline, please have money “in-hand” before placing your order as the computer automatically cancels unpaid orders after 24-48 hours (typically just before midnight the day following the day that you order.
  2. We automatically ship your DNA collection kit to the address you specified in your order and then email you tracking info. The kit includes easy to follow specimen collection instructions — It is no harder than brushing your teeth. Click for more info about DNA specimen collection.
  3. We also include a pre-addressed envelope which you will use to mail your DNA specimens to the lab. You can track your shipment to the lab so that you know when it arrives.
  4. The lab will process your test in 1-2 days for most tests.
  5. We will immediately email your test results. If you ordered a Legal test with hardcopy, a notarized report will follow by mail.

That’s all there is to it! No harder than ordering a cell phone or perfume onlilne. We realize that eCommerce is still rather new to many people and so invite you to enter a practice order so that you can explore all the options. You won’t be charged anything. Kindly use the Special Instructions area to indicate that yours is a practice order so that we won’t contact you to inquire as to whether you need help completing your order.

Specimen collection is quick and easy however it is also easy to forget instructions that you read months or even weeks prior so we have a firm policy of requiring that you dispatch your specimens to our lab within a month of placing your order. You should therefore confirm that your test participants are willing to cooperate, or that alternative “found” DNA specimens will be available to you if you are conducting a secret test, before placing your order.

Please take time to read the product description thoroughly, review the various topics in this Help/FAQ, and then feel free to contact us with any remaining questions prior to placing your order. Click here for guidelines regarding requesting pre- and post-sales customer support.