Questions about an order you already placed? Please log into your account and check your order status and order notes as that is where we enter routine information such as whether we have received your payment, shipment tracking info, whether your specimens have been received and logged-into our Laboratory Case Management System, etc.

General questions, such as “What Happens Next” and “How Long to Receive my Test Results” are well-covered in this  FAQ  and answers can be easily found by typing that inquiry into the search box. You are welcome to email us your inquiries however please keep in mind that if your question has already been answered in our instructions, emails or on our website, there will be a small charge per our Additional Charges Policy. Please be certain to include your order number when contacting us.

Calling and texting for information about a specific order is discouraged. Email is our primary means of communication.

We pride ourselves on fast service however remind you that we are not a provider of emergency medical services. We do not promise instant response 24x7x365. So if you are on an extremely tight schedule, such as a foreigner departing the Philippines in a week or less, kindly avail of a different provider.

Please help us keep our prices low (and avoid additional charges) by checking your account/order, the product description and our FAQ and using a bit of common sense before inquiring.