eCommerce is still relatively new in the Philippines so sometimes people ask questions simply because they wish some sort of contact with us before spending their money. Especially because our prices seem too good to be true. If that is the case, then please read Why So Cheap and if you still have doubts, please say so directly rather than asking questions such as: “How much does a DNA test cost?” We can provide references to ease your mind.

You will obtain fastest results when you contact us via the email form on our Contact Us page as that email queue is available to all staff. If you need assistance in selecting a test, please take the time to tell us enough about your situation for us to make a proper recommendation. For example:

  • The reason you are seeking the test, (e.g. child support, inheritance, immigration, paternity fraud, sexual assault etc.) and why you need a DNA test to resolve the situation (e.g. man denies he is the father, a man you had never met before showed-up at the funeral claiming to be the son of the deceased)
  • If the child is already born and if so, his/her gender and age.
  • Your relationship to the child (father, mother, grandmother, etc.) and whether you are the custodial parent.
  • If the other test participants are all available to provide specimens and are willing to do so. Please alert us to special circumstances such as multiple potential fathers.
  • Whether the test results will be used for official purposes i.e. by a government agency or court of law and the name of your attorney, if any.

As you can see by the above, text messages are too short and phone calls too time consuming to be suitable for initial consultations.  You need to take the time to organize and present your information in order to help us to help you.

Regardless of how you contact us, email is the most effective way for us to reply as we are able to copy/paste links and attach documents and screenshots. Text messages are only useful if both the question and answer fit in a sentence or two.

We are here to assist you but please keep in mind that we rely on self-service to keep our prices low. If we hire a large support staff then we must charge more to cover their salaries. Please, always, Always, ALWAYS browse the website, read the product descriptions and if you do not find your answer, perform a search to see if your question has already been answered before contacting us for support.