DNA testing requires three kinds of consent: Agreement by the case owner to be responsive and responsible, consent by the test participants to provide their specimens, and our commitment to your privacy. This is usually straightforward as withholding consent is tantamount to admitting one is lying. Most of the time the case owner is one of the test participants and lives with, or near, the other participants. We are very clear that we can only discuss your case with the owner of record.

For legal tests we require copies of IDs and are vigilant about checking signatures and proof of guardianship. We do not generally apply the same level of scrutiny to personal knowledge tests unless you raise our suspicion that the rights of a minor are being violated.

Please be mindful that consent is closely tied to privacy and privacy laws are becoming increasingly strict around the world. So if your situation is complicated then we strongly encourage you to order a simple consultation prior to ordering your test to avoid “painting yourself into a corner” and paying for our time, and possibly specimen storage charges, while we sort things out. Kindly take a moment to read about Client Confidentiality — Establishing Who is our Client