You do not need an export license to send your specimens however you may be asked to prove that they are not  infectious. If so, a simple statement from your doctor will suffice: ” SAMPLE SPECIMEN                        IS NON-INFECTIOUS AND NON-HAZARDOUS “

Shipping regulations are complex and may not correspond to “common sense”. For example, a licked envelope used for shipping purposes does not require certification. However, the exact same envelope being sent to our laboratory for analysis would require certification that it is not infectious.

FedEx and DHL locations in major cities are more likely to request certification than your neighborhood post office. It somewhat depends on the particular staff member, the latest news of disease outbreaks, how you describe your shipment, and whether you’re sneezing or coughing at the shipping counter. When we prepare the shipping documents on your behalf, we are very clear that these are human specimens for laboratory analysis and so you should be prepared to prove that they are non-infectious when you tender your shipment if requested.