This table can be sorted and searched to assist you in selecting the least expensive specimen that fits your circumstances. Kindly review this topic for an introduction to alternative DNA Specimens. We remind you that buccal swabbing is the most reliable and cheapest method of specimen collection and that use of alternative specimens are subject to the privacy laws of your community.

Note: We do our best to update the prices in this table when changes occur in the ordering system however in the event of a discrepancy, the ordering system will be considered the authoritative source. Kindly notify us of any discrepancies.

Source of DNADescriptionPackaging and ShippingCost Per Sample (in ₱ PHP)Success Rate
ToothbrushAir-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes.Ship in paper envelope.5000Fair to good
Nails (Finger / Toe)Freshly trimmed nails 5-10 clippingsShip in plastic Zip-Lock bag.5500Good to very good
Ear WaxCotton swab or Q-tip.Ship in paper envelope.5500Good to very good
Nasal mucous on used Kleenex / HandkerchiefPlace in paper envelope.Ship in paper envelope.5000Good to very good
Blood StainsBand aids, blood-stained tissues (not tampons and feminine napkins)Mark location of stain. Ship in paper envelope.5750Good to very good
Razors (electric or disposable)Blades from electric (with clippings if available) or entire disposable razor.Ship in paper envelope.6000Fair to good
Sperm / Semen stain on fabricMark location of stain on fabricMark location of stain on fabric and ship fabric wrapped in paper.6000Good to very good
Sperm / Semen from CondomSwab inside of the condom as soon as possible.Ship swabs in paper envelope.5000Good to very good
GumSugar-free gum is preferred works best.Do not touch the gum with your fingers. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.6000Fair to good
Tampons and feminine napkinsAllow to dry before shippingShip in paper envelope.6000Fair to very good
Blood on filter paper (60 days or fresher)Whatman, Matrix or ParchmentShip in paper envelope3500Excellent
Blood (Whole)Blood draw in medical Vacutainer tube.Ship in original tube.3500Excellent
Sperm / Semen - fresh or frozen from sperm bankFresh liquid semen or frozen from sperm bank.Absorb liquid onto a clean cotton swabs. Air-dry for 1 hour. Ship in paper envelope.4000Excellent
Hair with rootsRoots (follicles) MUST be attached. Required 6-10 hairs.Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.6000Fair
Infidelity / Forensic SamplesArray of samples e.g. underwear, where DNA source is unknown, unseen or potentially mixed.Call to discuss. Ship items in paper bag.Price on requestFair to good
Cigarette Butts2 to 4 buttsShip in paper envelope.5750Poor to good
Drinking glass, soda can, plastic bottle or drinking strawVarious items drinking items..Send actual item if possible. Otherwise, swab area where DNA is suspected with cotton swabs moistened with distilled water. Let swabs dry and ship in paper.5500Highly variable
Bone (from exhumed body)Fibula or Femur, at least a 4-inch section.Call to discussPrice on requestGood for mtDNA
Poor source of nuclear DNA
Bone (not from exhumed body)Fibula or Femur, at least a 4-inch section.Use clean blade. Ship on dry ice or as preserved.Price on requestGood for mtDNA
Poor source of nuclear DNA
Tissue samples preserved in paraffinTissue samples from pathology lab or embedded in paraffin. Non-embalmed.Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.6000Good to very good
ToothMolar, premolar or canine preferred.Call to discuss. Ship in paper envelope.7500+Good for mtDNA
Poor source of nuclear DNA
Dental FlossDo not touch the floss with your fingers.Call to discuss6000+Fair
Umbilical Cord (Dried)Must include buccal swab from mother to use asreference DNA sampleShip in paper envelope or as preserved.5000Good to very good
ClothingHats, baseball caps, underwear, bandanna.Call to discuss. Ship in paper bag.Price on requestHighly variable
Fetal DemiseFor detection of maternal DNA only. Success increases with age of fetus.Call to discuss6000Highly variable
Post Mortem TissueCoroner samples, funeral homes.Please call to discuss. On dry ice or as preserved.7000Highly variable
Licked Envelope/StampGreeting card or letter.Ship in paper envelope.6500Poor to fair