Buccal (mouth) swabbing is the same whether the test is for personal knowledge or for official use. What differs is that specimen collection for official purposes is conducted under controlled conditions to assure that the persons named are in fact the persons providing the specimens.

We discuss the requirements for AABB accredited tests in these two blog postings:

We also offer NATA accredited tests for use in Australian courts.

Please note that specimen collection for Immigration tests often are subject to additional further restrictions.  The embassy or consulate to which you are applying will provide you instructions specific to your case and we will follow those instructions precisely to assure that your test results are accepted. You cannot get a “head start” by obtaining a DNA test prior to opening your case with the embassy.

However, you will be well-served to obtain an inexpensive home test prior to applying at the embassy to avoid expensive surprises.

We are prohibited by law from giving legal advice directly to our clients however are free to offer our opinion to attorneys. We highly recommend that you discuss your case with a qualified attorney and have your attorney contact us before purchasing a Legal or Immigration test. Many attorneys offer initial consultations at little or no cost and we do not charge for brief consultations with attorneys.