We can easily accommodate test participants who live far apart, OFWs and even those who work aboard ships. Each participant will collect and dispatch their specimens to our laboratory and we will run the analysis when all specimens have arrived. All specimens must be dispatched within a month of the original order and arrive within 2 weeks of each other. Beyond that, we must charge for specimen storage so best that all participants ship their specimens by EMS at their post office rather than Registered Mail.

Simply inform us when you place your order by writing us a note in the special instructions. The message will be slightly different depending on whether you order additional testing supplies on our website or have us provide you forms and instructions by email (Customer Provided Supplies). We recommend the latter for test participants working aboard ships and those living outside the Philippines to save you the cost of international shipping of testing supplies. Either way, please note in the special instructions that there will be a split collection and how you intend for us to provide the forms and instructions.

If you wish to use our testing supplies, you will need to place a second order for the additional test supplies, specify the shipping address, and note in the special instructions “Split Collection for Order #xxx where xxx is your DNA test order number. Also note their email address and phone number. We will reply with tracking information usually within a business day.