If you requested our free courtesy testing supplies, we will automatically dispatch them to the shipping address you specified with your order and will subsequently update your order to include tracking information and email you the same (usually in the evening of the day we shipped). Included with the supplies are illustrated instructions for collecting your specimens and a pre-addressed envelope which you can use to mail them to our lab. You can read more about specimen collection here.

If you elected to use locally sourced testing supplies, we will automatically email you forms and instructions. We are happy to provide courtesy supplies if you change your mind after receiving the email. We email PDF images of the exact same forms and instructions from which we print plus advice on purchasing the inexpensive supplies at your local market. You are advised to not collect specimens prior to receiving our instructions.

We remind you that our free testing supplies are provided as a courtesy and are not part of the service you have purchased. Therefore, if we are unable to deliver supplies, for example, due to an incomplete or inaccurate shipping address or conflicting shipping instructions, we will treat your order as if you had specified locally sourced testing supplies to assure that your case is not delayed. Once the shipping problem is resolved, you may re-request courtesy supplies if not yet shipped, or order replacement supplies on our website instead of waiting their return to us.

If you are on a tight schedule we encourage you to request forms and instructions by email even if you requested courtesy supplies. Estimated delivery times are just that: an estimate and completely beyond our control.

You will receive your test results by email and, if you ordered a Legal test with hardcopy report, receive a notarized report in the mail as well.