Our clients value speed and efficiency and so expect their orders to be processed quickly. There isn’t much time to change your mind so please be absolutely certain that you wish to order and of the test which you are ordering. Confirm that your test participants are prepared to proceed with their specimen collection in a timely manner as you are required to mail your specimens to our lab within a month of placing your order. Please read through our website carefully and contact us with any remaining questions prior to placing your order.

We can usually apply your payment to a different test if you order the wrong test or your circumstances change. However, in order to protect ourselves from fraud and theft of our services, we generally do not refund orders after testing supplies have been shipped (or instructions emailed for clients using locally sourced testing supplies). In exceptional circumstances, refunds may be considered at the discretion of The DNA Hustisya Project and will usually be subject to administrative and handling fees, the amount of which varies with the test, how far along in the testing process your case has proceeded, and how much time we expended providing you customer service pre- and post-sales. Partial payments and deposits are typically non-refundable. No refunds can be issued if services have been completed per your original order.

If you have a legitimate reason for questioning the validity of your test results, we will work with you to address your concerns. No system is perfect. However case management at our laboratories is close enough to perfection that we cannot justify rerunning your test “just to be sure.” AABB accredited laboratories follow strict case management procedures.

Specimens are barcoded upon receipt at the lab and matching barcodes are placed on your customer information form. These barcodes are scanned at each stage of processing. There is virtually no opportunity for mixups.

We go even further to assure that even the rarest of laboratory errors cannot affect your results: We test every participant 2x and the results are compared by a forensic scientist before reporting the results.