The address to which you send your specimens varies with the test that you order so we include a pre-addressed envelope with your testing supplies. To prevent unpaid specimens from being received for processing, we cannot provide that address prior to receiving your payment. We also include the phone number in case you wish to ship by courier service.

We contract with the finest laboratories in the world. Unfortunately, there are none in the Philippines that meet our exacting specifications. Not even St. Lukes. In fact, the domestic labs sometimes refer clients to us because our contracts provide for rapid, highly accurate services at extremely low cost.

Frankly, the lab can be on the moon as long as your local post office delivers there at a cost of around ₱175 and we get the results back to you in the time indicated in our product description, with results in as little as 1 week if you can afford to ship by FedEx or DHL. Express shipping is also available from your post office. Ask for EMS.

Our laboratories are as close as your local post office. Or, if you prefer, couriers can pick your specimens up at your home or office. FedEx does not charge for pick-up in the Philippines.