Modern DNA testing is easy and accurate so you will save a lot of money by reading through our website and then ordering here on our website. We accept a variety of payment methods including bank deposits and remittance processing so no worries if you do not have a credit card.

If you have never bought anything online and are unsure what buttons to click, we have prepared step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

You can order our popular home paternity test right from The DNA Hustisya Project Home page. If your needs are more complex, you can order from our full line of DNA paternity, relationship and forensic tests. The options are explained with each test and we have this extensive FAQ with further information and background.

Here are the simple steps required to obtain a DNA paternity test from a fully accredited lab:

  1. Order your test on this website. You will receive an email acknowledging your order and it will include payment instructions if you chose an offline payment method. If paying offline, please have money “in-hand” before placing your order as the computer automatically cancels unpaid orders after 24-48 hours (typially at midnight the day following the day that you order.
  2. We automatically ship your DNA collection kit to the address you specified in your order and then email you tracking info. The kit includes easy to follow specimen collection instructions — It is no harder than brushing your teeth. Click for more info about DNA specimen collection.
  3. We also include a pre-addressed envelope which you will use to mail your DNA specimens to the lab. You can track your shipment to the lab so that you know when it arrives.
  4. The lab will process your test in 2-3 days for most tests.
  5. We will immediately email your test results. If you ordered a Legal test with hardcopy, a notarized report will follow by mail.

That’s all there is to it! No harder than ordering a cell phone or perfume onlilne. We realize that eCommerce is still rather new to many people and so invite you to enter a practice order so that you can explore all the options. You won’t be charged anything. Please use the Customer Note area to indicate that yours is a practice order so that we won’t contact you to inquire as to whether you need help completing your order.

Specimen collection is quick and easy however it is also easy to forget instructions that you read months or even weeks prior so we have a firm policy of requiring that you dispatch your specimens to our lab within a month of placing your order. You should therefore confirm that your test participants are willing to cooperate, or that alternative “found” DNA specimens will be available to you if you are conducting a secret test, before placing your order.

Please take time to read the product description thoroughly, review the various topics in this Help/FAQ, and then feel free to contact us with any remaining questions prior to placing your order. Click here for guidelines regarding requesting pre- and post-sales customer support.

We take your privacy very seriously as you should expect. This means that we can only provide test results to, and only discuss the case with, the client of record. Of course we must also respond to legitimate requests from authorized legal authorities however such requests are exceedingly rare. If you anticipate that your case might generate such inquiries, you might consider conducting your test anonymously.

The client of record is established at the time you place your order and defaults to the billing contact unless you specifically direct us otherwise. We do not require that the billing contact be the payer, that is, the actual person who provided the money for the test. However, your payment processor might. In that case, we will update the billing contact fields with information that you provide us in the order note once payment has been processed. Please be sure to include their full name, email address, telephone number, and relationship to the billing contact in the order note. We highly recommend that you include a domestic cell phone that we can text as an alternative means of communicating with you. This is a lifesaver should you make a typo when entering the email address.

Please choose your client of record carefully as the procedure to change later is rather involved because it must be done in a secure manner in order to prevent hijacking of your test. Please be advised that the cost of making such changes is not included in the price of your test.

We operate online but still have strong community ties. We are fully licensed and registered with the Department of Trade (DTI) so you can check our record easy enough. We are well-known to our colleagues at the PNP National DNA Crime Lab and, in fact, they refer us cases. We are active in the Rotary Club and other community organizations.

We operate online in order to serve the entire Philippines with affordable DNA testing. There is simply no need to incur expensive travel to avail of modern DNA testing. It is quite simple to collect DNA specimens in the privacy of your home or at your attorney’s office. In fact, you already leave your DNA pretty much everywhere you go, just like your fingerprints. In fact, your fingerprints contain your DNA as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Roxas City, Capiz.

If you are still nervous, you might also consider paying by credit card or PayPal so that you can initiate a charge-back should we not perform as promised.

The #1 question that we are constantly asked is: “Why are your DNA Paternity and Relationship Tests priced so low?” That’s a polite way of asking if we are “for real“? If you are safe ordering something as important as a DNA test from us? If you are going to receive a high quality test? If there is a catch?

Our low prices are due to a combination of factors. The chief ones being our efficient busy model and economies of scale. As with Amazon.com and Lazada.com.ph, we sell exclusively online and provide extensive information on our website so we do not need a large staff. This also allows us to serve the entire Philippines (and beyond). This spreads our costs over a large client base which greatly reduces our cost per client.

Our DNA testing makes use of modern DNA specimen collection that can be easily performed at home or your attorney’s office. This also saves our clients a ton of money on travel and court appearance fees.

We choose to pass the savings on to our clients because we believe in the power of affordable DNA testing to promote justice in the Philippines. We treat paternity testing as a social welfare program rather than a business. As such, we are only required to break-even after expenses, not to earn a big profit.

You are entirely safe” in ordering a DNA test from our website and will save a great deal of money doing so.

Ship on Monday by courier and you will typically have your results that Saturday for routine paternity tests. Our laboratories are highly automated and so are quite fast — They typically require just 2 or 3 (working) days to process specimens for routine paternity tests. Add half a day for us to perform a final review and email your results. So the total time for you to get your test results is approximately a week when you send your specimens to the lab via courier service.

Registered mail is slower but only costs P150-200. We purposely do not bundle shipping into the price of our tests so that clients with extremely limited financial resources can still afford our high quality DNA testing.

We do our best to pack your testing supplies within one business day of our receipt of your paid order. Please remember that shipper acceptance and cutoff times tend to be somewhat loose in the Philippines so it is best to assume that the actual shipment of your supplies begins the the first business day after we pack your order.

Free shipping is via Registered Mail which can take anywhere from 3 days to a week to reach you depending on your location in the Philippines. Expedited shipping of your testing supplies via courier service is available as an option when you checkout. International shipments take a little longer, of course.

Shipping time is highly variable and beyond our control. We provide a tracking number so that you know where your supplies are and when they are due to arrive. Please monitor your shipment in case the courier has difficulty locating your house.

If you are considering a Chain or Legal test, we strongly encourage you to consult with an attorney and to have that attorney contact us before ordering. The tests themselves and notarized reports meet the highest standards so that is not the issue. Rather, our concern is that attorneys vary widely in their experience with DNA evidence as do the courts and government agencies that hear cases. It is therefore prudent for us to briefly discuss your specific case with the person you are entrusting to present your evidence. We do not charge extra for this service.

In general, the more important the outcome of the test is to you, the more likely you will benefit by consulting an attorney before selecting your test. A few possible exceptions come to mind:

  • When an inexpensive Informational test provides immediate benefits such as peace of mind or perhaps as a first-line defense against nuisance complaints.
  • When you are performing the test for well-defined official purposes such as  immigration and are not otherwise using the services of an immigration attorney. The embassy of the receiving country will provide you well defined procedures which we follow precisely.

In the Philippines, the Integrated Bar can assist you in locating a qualified attorney that fits your financial circumstances. We strongly encourage you to at least make inquiry.

We provide links to the IBP website in the reference section of this FAQ.

We are required to remind you that we are not attorneys and therefore are neither qualified, nor permitted, to offer legal advice.

Anonymous DNA testing helps protect the identities of the test participants. Whereas secret DNA tests use found DNA specimens that do not require a test participant to be aware that they are participating in a DNA test. It is possible that both may apply to your case — you may wish to conduct an anonymous DNA test while keeping the testing process secret from some or all of the participants.

There are different levels of anonymity. It is easy enough for us to leave your names off of the test report. It is harder, but usually possible, for you to be anonymous to us. Here is some advice to help you maintain your anonymity If you would like to discuss the matter further, kindly order a consultation and state the particulars of your situation in the Order Note field.

  • Tell us early-on that you wish to conduct your test anonymously so that we do not ask questions that might compromise your ability to do so.
  • Think before you act as it is impossible to un-ring a bell. Do not volunteer information about your case that makes us responsible for obtaining further information about the participants. Not every field on our Client Information Form is required for personal knowledge (a.k.a home) tests. If you think that an item might compromise your anonymity, we encourage you to ask us whether it is required before filling it in.
  • The billing contact cannot be an anonymous test participant as he is the owner of the test. The owner assures compliance with our terms and conditions and receives all refunds so must be prepared to show ID upon request. Simply select someone not being tested as your billing contact.
  • We have no way to know that the actual test participants live in a country or location that restricts DNA testing unless you inform us as such. We do not require a shipping address if we have nothing to ship, such as when a client has previously purchased testing supplies or chooses to source the supplies locally. It is perfectly OK to buy your testing supplies and then order the actual test under a different name and address. In fact, you are welcome to use our office address to help anonymize your location.
  • Similarly, we do not know that a child is a minor unless you inform us of his/her date of birth. If you indicate that a test participant is a minor child and you are not using “found” DNA such as a toothbrush or tissue, then their guardian is required to sign to indicate his or her approval for the collection of the minor child’s specimen. Anonymity can still be maintained as there is no reason for us to know that the guardian is one of the test participants.
  • Consider using “found” DNA in situations where directly obtaining a specimen requires verification of informed consent, such as with a minor child. We offer a wide assortment of alternative sources of DNA with which to conduct secret DNA tests.
  • You can start-over if you make a mistake. Place a new order and then have the billing contact authorize us to apply his/her prior payment to it. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee to cover our time.

We do not routinely challenge our clients regarding their identifies, ages and locations. However, if you cause us concern, we have the right and obligation to request IDs, proof that the person presented as the guardian of a minor is in fact so, and to charge you for our time to do so. If your payment is not reversible, we will need to confirm the ID of the billing contact in order to make a refund unless he or she has provided us a password at time of ordering. PayPal and credit/debit card transactions are almost always reversible so ID is usually not required.

Again, planning is the key to maintaining complete anonymity so it is in your best interest to discuss your situation with us prior to ordering.

Secret DNA tests are not the same as anonymous DNA tests. Secret DNA testing make use of found DNA — alternative sources of DNA, sometimes referred to as discreet DNA specimens, that do not require that the person providing the specimen be aware that a DNA test is being conducted. Whereas anonymous DNA testing is an administrative process designed to keep the identity of the test participants secret. It is possible that both may apply to your case — you may with to conduct an anonymous DNA test while keeping the testing process secret from some or all of the participants.

Buccal swabs are the most reliable and least costly way of obtaining DNA evidence. However they require that the test participants be alive and cooperative. You can consider discreetly collecting alternative sources of DNA when buccal swabbing is not practical due to the test subject being deceased or unwilling to participate in the test.

Please review our Sortable & Searchable Table of Alternative DNA Sources which is designed to assist you in selecting the least costly source of DNA that fits your circumstance.

Buccal (mouth) swabbing is highly accurate and super simple to perform. The FBI and police agencies all over the world use it. You see it on the crime shows on TV. Your DNA is the same everywhere in your body so there is no reason to puncture your body to obtain blood samples for DNA testing.

We provide written instructions and are available to supervise via video chat (Skype or Facebook) if you are nervous. In summary: you will insert each swab in your mouth, rub your cheek 10-20 times, let the swabs dry, place them in the envelope, then seal. Simple stuff we think you’ll agree. A common sense reminder for clients providing their own testing supplies: You should not proceed with your specimen collection in advance of receiving our illustrated instructions for the specific test that you purchased.

Swabbing does not differ between Home and Legal tests. Where the process differs is that specimen collection for Legal tests is witnessed and carefully documented in order to assure authenticity so that the results are acceptable for official purposes such as evidence in a court of law. We discuss this is greater depth in the product description and our blog posting and provide thorough instructions for you and your witness in with the testing supplies.

If your shipping company requests proof that your specimens are not infectious, a simple note from your doctor will usually suffice: ” SAMPLE SPECIMEN                        IS NON-INFECTIOUS AND NON-HAZARDOUS “

Shipping regulations are complex and may not correspond to “common sense”. For example, a licked envelope used for shipping purposes does not require certification. However, the exact same envelope being sent to our laboratory for analysis could require certification that it is not infectious.

FedEx and DHL locations in major cities are more likely to request certification than your neighborhood post office. It somewhat depends on the particular staff member, the latest news of disease outbreaks, how you describe your shipment, and whether you’re sneezing or coughing at the shipping counter.

The total cost of a duo test and a trio test is about the same (for the same level of accuracy). It’s simply that the costs are in different places.

A duo test uses less chemicals and equipment time. However, analyzing the results of a duo test requires far more computer and people time in order to obtain the same level of accuracy in the absence of the mother’s DNA. Forensic scientists are expensive!

Some labs report duo tests at lower accuracy in order to advertise a low priced “loss-leader”. The AABB only requires 99.1% probability of paternity for non-exclusions. This means that there is nearly a 1 in 100 men match and would not be excluded.

We require our labs to provide a minimum of 99.99% probability of paternity. This greatly lowers the probability to 1 in 10,000. We require our labs to test additional loci or even to perform expensive micro-array SNP testing at no additional cost to you if necessary to hit that number. So there is no savings to be had in duo testing.

A trio test is clearly superior and so one should insist that the mother participate unless she is deceased or refuses to cooperate.

So that you can be 100% confident in the accuracy of your test results, every test participant is processed twice using completely different machines and personnel for each test. A forensic scientist then compares the results to assure that the test was performed correctly. There is no extra charge for this service.

Laboratories do not often make mistakes. 2x double-blind testing is designed to catch those rare instances when something has gone wrong so that you will have complete confidence in the results of your DNA Paternity Test.

The address to which you send your specimens varies with the test that you order so we include a pre-addressed envelope with your testing supplies. To prevent unpaid specimens from being received for processing, we cannot provide that address prior to receiving your payment. We also include the phone number in case you wish to ship by courier service.

We contract with the finest laboratories in the world. Unfortunately, there are none in the Philippines that meet our exacting specifications. Not even St. Lukes. In fact, the domestic labs sometimes refer clients to us because our contracts provide for rapid, highly accurate services at extremely low cost.

Frankly, the lab can be on the moon as long as your local post office delivers there at a cost of around P150 and we get the results back to you in the time indicated in our product description, with results in as little as 1 week if you can afford to ship by FedEx or DHL. Express shipping is also available from your post office. Ask for EMS.

Our laboratories are as close as your local post office. Or, if you prefer, couriers can pick your specimens up at your home or office. FedEx does not charge for pick-up in the Philippines.

We have a library of example DNA test reports that you may freely download to see how results are reported. The downloads are handled as zero cost products which can be accessed here. We invite labs to provide additional sample reports and greatly appreciate their support.

Note: We do our best to update the prices in this table when changes occur in the ordering system however in the event of a discrepancy, the ordering system will be considered the authoritative source. Please notify us of any discrepancies.

Source of DNADescriptionPackaging and ShippingCost Per Sample (in ₱ PHP)Success Rate
ToothbrushAir-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes.Ship in paper envelope.5000Fair to good
Nails (Finger / Toe)Freshly trimmed nails 5-10 clippingsShip in plastic Zip-Lock bag.5500Good to very good
Ear WaxCotton swab or Q-tip.Ship in paper envelope.5500Good to very good
Nasal mucous on used Kleenex / HandkerchiefPlace in paper envelope.Ship in paper envelope.5000Good to very good
Blood StainsBand aids, blood-stained tissues (not tampons and feminine napkins)Mark location of stain. Ship in paper envelope.5750Good to very good
Razors (electric or disposable)Blades from electric (with clippings if available) or entire disposable razor.Ship in paper envelope.6000Fair to good
Sperm / Semen stain on fabricMark location of stain on fabricMark location of stain on fabric and ship fabric wrapped in paper.6000Good to very good
Sperm / Semen from CondomSwab inside of the condom as soon as possible.Ship swabs in paper envelope.5000Good to very good
GumSugar-free gum is preferred works best.Do not touch the gum with your fingers. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.6000Fair to good
Tampons and feminine napkinsAllow to dry before shippingShip in paper envelope.6000Fair to very good
Blood on filter paper (60 days or fresher)Whatman, Matrix or ParchmentShip in paper envelope3500Excellent
Blood (Whole)Blood draw in medical Vacutainer tube.Ship in original tube.3500Excellent
Sperm / Semen - fresh or frozen from sperm bankFresh liquid semen or frozen from sperm bank.Absorb liquid onto a clean cotton swabs. Air-dry for 1 hour. Ship in paper envelope.4000Excellent
Hair with rootsRoots (follicles) MUST be attached. Required 6-10 hairs.Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.6000Fair
Infidelity / Forensic SamplesArray of samples e.g. underwear, where DNA source is unknown, unseen or potentially mixed.Call to discuss. Ship items in paper bag.Price on requestFair to good
Cigarette Butts2 to 4 buttsShip in paper envelope.5750Poor to good
Drinking glass, soda can, plastic bottle or drinking strawVarious items drinking items..Send actual item if possible. Otherwise, swab area where DNA is suspected with cotton swabs moistened with distilled water. Let swabs dry and ship in paper.5500Highly variable
Bone (from exhumed body)Fibula or Femur, at least a 4-inch section.Call to discussPrice on requestGood for mtDNA
Poor source of nuclear DNA
Bone (not from exhumed body)Fibula or Femur, at least a 4-inch section.Use clean blade. Ship on dry ice or as preserved.Price on requestGood for mtDNA
Poor source of nuclear DNA
Tissue samples preserved in paraffinTissue samples from pathology lab or embedded in paraffin. Non-embalmed.Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.6000Good to very good
ToothMolar, premolar or canine preferred.Call to discuss. Ship in paper envelope.7500+Good for mtDNA
Poor source of nuclear DNA
Dental FlossDo not touch the floss with your fingers.Call to discuss6000+Fair
Umbilical Cord (Dried)Must include buccal swab from mother to use asreference DNA sampleShip in paper envelope or as preserved.5000Good to very good
ClothingHats, baseball caps, underwear, bandanna.Call to discuss. Ship in paper bag.Price on requestHighly variable
Fetal DemiseFor detection of maternal DNA only. Success increases with age of fetus.Call to discuss6000Highly variable
Post Mortem TissueCoroner samples, funeral homes.Please call to discuss. On dry ice or as preserved.7000Highly variable
Licked Envelope/StampGreeting card or letter.Ship in paper envelope.6500Poor to fair

There are three reasons to sign-up for an account:

  1. To order tests
  2. To leave comments on our blog
  3. To download sample test reports and other free items

You can sign-up for an account either before ordering a test or as part of the ordering process. We encourage you to sign-up first as it makes it a bit easier to assure that you enter all the necessary information and thus avoid delays in processing your future orders.

Click here to open the account sign-up/log-in form. You can also access it from the sidebar of this and many other pages.

We accept credit cards and PayPal, but also provide a variety of offline payment methods as many Filipinos do not have credit cards. For offline payments, we provide detailed instructions with account numbers in the order acknowledgment email that is automatically sent you when you place your order. Please pay promptly as unpaid orders expire and are automatically deleted by the computer.

There are no payment processing fees when you make a deposit to our Smart Money account at BDO or Smart Phone Centers. You may be charged a small remittance fee for Smart Money payments made using your phone or at a padala however that fee is usually much less than remittance processors (lhuilliers) charge. Credit/debit cards and Paypal are your fastest and most convenient ways to pay. Unfortunately, they charge nearly 5% to process payments and we must pass those charges on to you.

We also accept Western Union and many other remittance processors including: Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, and Palawaan Pawnshop. If those are not convenient, we are happy to consider others as long as they have an outlet in Roxas City, Capiz so please confirm that the one you select has an office here. Or email us via our Contact Form to confirm that we have access BEFORE sending your payment.

Many Filipinos do not have credit cards so we partnered with Smart Money to permit you to conveniently pay from your phone or at any of the 20,000+ payment locations. There is no remittance fee if you pay at BDO or a Smart Wireless Center. Please inform us if you learn of other locations that do not charge to handle Smart Money payments so that we may list them here.

We cannot accept cheques or COD payments at this time. Unfortunately, we cannot offer deferred payment plans either.

We automatically ship your DNA collection kit to the shipping address you specified on your order and then update your order to include tracking information and email you the same. Your kit includes simple instructions for collecting your specimens and a pre-addressed envelope which you will use to mail them. You can read more about that here.

If you elected to use locally sourced testing supplies, we will email you forms and instructions. Please do not collect specimens prior to receiving our instructions.

You will receive your test results by email and, if you ordered a Legal test with hardcopy report, receive a notarized report in the mail as well.

Rarely do we need to charge anything beyond the price displayed on our website. We have refined our processes and procedures to the point that barely an elementary school education is required to obtain a high quality DNA test quickly and at low cost. Most cases proceed smoothly and clients often comment that it was much easier to do the test than it was to talk about it during presales.

That being said, some clients have special needs and occasionally a client makes an error that requires additional services from us. In those instances, we reserve the right to charge for our time and expenses. And, if we feel it necessary, to discontinue service until payment is received and posted.

The most common mistake is providing incorrect or incomplete contact information, in particular the email address and shipping address. So please double-check those when entering your order. Occasionally, clients send different information or specimens to the laboratory than that which they informed our office. This causes a flurry of emails and telephone calls between them, us, and the client to resolve the discrepancy.

We understand that mistakes happen and we are not judging you. In return, you must understand that many of our clients are poor and it would be unfair to them for us to raise our prices in order to cover your mistakes.

Thank you for your understanding.

Our clients value speed and efficiency and so expect their orders to be processed quickly. There isn’t much time to change your mind so please be absolutely certain that you wish to order and of the test which you are ordering. Confirm that your test participants are prepared to proceed with their specimen collection in a timely manner as you are required to mail your specimens to our lab within a month of placing your order. Please read through our website carefully and contact us with any remaining questions prior to placing your order.

We can usually apply your payment to a different test if you order the wrong test or your circumstances change. However, in order to protect ourselves from fraud and theft of our services, we generally do not refund orders after testing supplies have been shipped (or instructions emailed for clients using locally sourced testing supplies). In exceptional circumstances, refunds may be considered at the discretion of The DNA Hustisya Project and will usually be subject to administrative and handling fees, the amount of which varies with the test, how far along in the testing process your case has proceeded, and how much time we expended providing you customer service pre- and post-sales. Partial payments and deposits are typically non-refundable. No refunds can be issued if services have been completed per your original order.

If you have a legitimate reason for questioning the validity of your test results, we will work with you to address your concerns. No system is perfect. However case management at our laboratories is close enough to perfection that we cannot justify rerunning your test “just to be sure.” AABB accredited laboratories follow strict case management procedures.

Specimens are barcoded upon receipt at the lab and matching barcodes are placed on your customer information form. These barcodes are scanned at each stage of processing. There is virtually no opportunity for mixups.

We go even further to assure that even the rarest of laboratory errors cannot affect your results: We test every participant 2x and the results are compared by a forensic scientist before reporting the results.

  • Chain-of-Custody (CoC) refers to the order of places where, and the persons with whom, physical evidence was located from the time it was collected to its submission at trial. All evidence, not just DNA, is subject to challenge so it is of the utmost importance that CoC be properly documented.
  • Tests are named for their intended usage:
    • Informational tests also known as Home, Personal Knowledge and PK tests, are steeply discounted but otherwise use the same laboratory equipment and personnel as Chain and Legal tests. The chief difference is that the labs will not issue notarized reports so as to not interfere with their higher profit business.
    • Chain-of-Custody tests preserve the chain-of-custody so that the test results are admissible in court. We are unique in offering you the option of deferring the cost of obtaining a hardcopy of the notarized test report until you are certain that you are going to court. You will still receive a notarized report by email. Court is expensive and slow. Most clients simply need proof of paternity to change their lives.
    • Legal tests preserve the chain-of-custody and include a hardcopy notarized report. We highly recommend that you discuss this choice with your attorney prior to spending the extra money.
    • Immigration tests are conducted precisely to the standards of the country which is requesting proof of paternity. Our tests and procedures are well-accepted by immigration authorities throughout the world, including the USA.


Phone: +63 (02) 631.3014 locals 120, 122, &123
Telefax: +63 (02) 631.3013
Website: www.ibplegalaid.org

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) can assist you in locating a qualified attorney that fits your financial circumstances. You need only ask. Many communities have IBP chapters. Click here to go directly to the IBP list of chapters on their website. If there is not a chapter in your area, you should contact the IBP main office in Manila.

The IBP states that:

Legal Aid is not a matter of charity. It is a means for the correction of social imbalances that may and often do lead to injustice, for which reason it is a public responsibility of the Bar.

So don’t be shy about asking them for help.

We take privacy seriously and so take many measures to ensure your privacy and the confidentiality of any transaction you make with us—online and in all other communication methods that we use. Our Privacy Policy can be found here. European clients will be interested in our Safe Harbor Privacy Policy found here.

We are here to assist you but please keep in mind that we rely on self-service to keep our prices low. If we hire a large support staff then we must charge more to cover their salaries. Please, always, Always, ALWAYS browse the website, read the product descriptions and if you do not find your answer, perform a search to see if your question has already been answered before contacting us for support.

We handle pre- and post-sales support rather differently so have addressed each in an individual FAQ:

  • If you need help deciding on a test or placing an order click here for further instructions.
  • If you need information about an order that you have already placed click here for further instructions.

eCommerce is still relatively new in the Philippines so sometimes people ask questions simply because they wish some sort of contact with us before spending their money. Especially because our prices seem too good to be true. If that is the case, then please read Why So Cheap and if you still have doubts, please say so directly rather than asking questions such as: “How much does a DNA test cost?” We can provide references to ease your mind.

You will obtain fastest results when you contact us via the email form on our Contact Us page as that email queue is available to all staff. If you need assistance in selecting a test, please take the time to tell us enough about your situation for us to make a proper recommendation. For example:

  • The reason you are seeking the test, (e.g. child support, inheritance, immigration, paternity fraud, sexual assault etc.) and why you need a DNA test to resolve the situation (e.g. man denies he is the father, a man you had never met before showed-up at the funeral claiming to be the son of the deceased)
  • If the child is already born and if so, his/her gender and age.
  • Your relationship to the child (father, mother, grandmother, etc.) and whether you are the custodial parent.
  • If the other test participants are all available to provide specimens and are willing to do so. Please alert us to special circumstances such as multiple potential fathers.
  • Whether the test results will be used for official purposes i.e. by a government agency or court of law and the name of your attorney, if any.

As you can see by the above, text messages are too short and phone calls too time consuming to be suitable for initial consultations.  You need to take the time to organize and present your information in order to help us to help you.

Regardless of how you contact us, email is the most effective way for us to reply as we are able to copy/paste links and attach documents and screenshots. Text messages are only useful if both the question and answer fit in a sentence or two.

We are here to assist you but please keep in mind that we rely on self-service to keep our prices low. If we hire a large support staff then we must charge more to cover their salaries. Please, always, Always, ALWAYS browse the website, read the product descriptions and if you do not find your answer, perform a search to see if your question has already been answered before contacting us for support.

Questions about an order you already placed? Please log into your account and check your order status and order notes as that is where we enter routine information such as whether we have received your payment and shipment tracking info.

General questions, such as “What Happens Next” and “How Long to Receive my Test Results” are well covered in the “After You Buy” section of our FAQ.  If you have any questions about your order that are not answered by our FAQ, please email us via our Contact Us form. Please be sure to include your order number and the email used when you ordered.

Calling and texting for information about a specific order is discouraged as support staff are required to reply by entering notes into your order notes online (which automatically sends a copy to you via email) so it is better for them to have your question in front of them in email form.

Please help us keep our prices low by checking your order and our FAQ before emailing.