Specimens collected for official purposes are strictly supervised and documented to assure authenticity. Home tests are generally unsupervised so there is no way to prove that the name on the test report is actually the person that was tested.

The technical aspects of sample collection are the same regardless of the purpose of the test. We provide written instructions on how to conduct a simple Buccal (cheek) swab in the specimen collection kits or by email if you are using your own testing supplies. The basic procedure does not differ between Home and Legal tests: Insert swab in mouth, rub cheek 10-20 times, let swab dry, place it in an envelope, then seal. Simple stuff.

In the USA, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of AABB approved specimen collection centers that are per se acceptable to the authorities. Not so in the Philippines and many other countries. So we must improvise. It is just as well because these collection centers charge $70 or more per person and so likely would price the test beyond the reach of the average Filipino. $70 USD is over P3000. x3 = 9000 pesos!

In theory, any independent 3rd party can supervise specimen collection. Please keep in mind, however, that independence, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. You do not want your evidence challenged because the collector is perceived to have a favorable relationship with you.

In our opinion, the best place to conduct specimen collection is in your attorney’s office. Attorneys in the Philippines are notaries and officers of the court and so their word is above question. Your attorney understands the rules of evidence and so will understand the paperwork involved and likely get it right the first time. Also, your attorney will be in court and so you avoid the possible expense of calling the specimen collector as a witness.

Next best is a dentist or doctor. Both have licenses that they likely would not put at risk by lying and so are viewed as independent and reliable.