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The cheapest and fastest DNA paternity tests in the Philippines by far.

Fast and Accurate

I like your services, its very fast and accurate. Thank you very much

Catamaran, Camiguin

Saved Family From Tearing Apart

I will be recommending you to family and friends

Makati, Manila

Very fast!

Very fast Thank you very much!


Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend you to my relatives and friends who would ever need this kind of service in the future. Again, thank you.

Davao City, Davao del Sur

Cheapest and Most Reliable by Far

This DNA test is by far the cheapest and most reliable test.

Alaminos City, Pangasinan


The status infos and service reports are outstanding!

Puerto Prinessa, Palawaan

Patience in Guiding Us

Thank you for the patience in answering and guiding us towards the process

Kidapawan city, Cotabato

Extremely Efficient. Highly Recommended.

Highly Recommended. Customer service is extremely efficient. Exceeded my expectations.

Angeles City, Pampanga

Highly Delighted

We appreciate your precise and quick results. Highly delighted. Thank you once again!

Catbalogan, Samar

Now I Have Peace of Mind

Now i have peace of mind. God bless you for this.

Naga city, Camarines Sur

Dedication & Care

I'm really glad w/ the patience & immediate response to all of emails. Clearly shows your dedication & care.

Carigara, Leyte

Fast and Convenient

I am very much satisfied with your job, fast and convenient by your assistance

Zamboanga del Sur

Contented and Happy

I am contented and happy with your results.

Banate, Iloilo

Fast Result!

Fast result. Keep up the good work!

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental


I truly appreciate all the assistance accorded to me during this entire process. You're AWESOME! It was more than my money's worth. 

Makati, Manila


Yes i did surprise of it. Thanks for your service.

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Definitely Recommend

Thank you for the fast result. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. More power!

Cubao, Quezon City

Well Noted, Prompt Service

Everything is well noted and clear. I appreciate your prompt service.

Balayan, Batangas

Fast and Easy

One satisfied client here! Fast transaction and easy to follow steps.

Biñan City, Laguna

Great Relief to Know Truth

It is a great relief in our part to know the truth which we have longed for. Thank you for the speedy process that brought us satisfaction and trust in your organization.

Bacolod City, Negros Occidenta

AMAZING!  Reasonably priced and fast results

AMAZING!  Reasonably priced and fast results.

Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Easy and well guided process.

I've Been All Smiles After Receiving the Results. Ordering online went smoothly and the test kit arrived fast. Collecting the samples and mailing it forward was easy as well.

Olongapo, Zambales


Thanks for the assistance and clarity.

General Santos City

Fast Result and Simple and Easy Steps

Thank you so much po. Nice service site!

Paranáque, Metro Manila

Very Helpful

Your services are very helpful. The price is definitely more than the worth of knowing what the truth is. More powers and God bless!

Eastern Libjo, Batangas

The results Simply Clear Out All Confusions

I appreciate you service and I hope you will be able to help more people. Thank you for your hard work.

Tatay, Rizal

Highly Recommend Your Company

Thank you for the excellent job you did for us, handling our case with respect and dignity!

Lucena City

Fast In Their Work

Fast in their work indeed with unparalleled after-sale service. Recommended to all.

Taguig City

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much, DNA Hustisya! I appreciate your assistance going through all of these.

Mandaluyong City

All Was to Our Satisfaction

Hello thank you for the report and your message, all was to our satisfaction.

Mati, Davao Oriental

My Sincere Gratitude

My sincere gratitude for the work you do, and your words of wisdom.


Words Cannot Explain the Joy

We send this message teary eyed. Words cannot begin to explain the joy that we are experiencing having found out the results.

Paranaque City

We're So Grateful

Wow!!!! Great job!!! We're so grateful we have chosen well. Thank you very much!!!

Metro Manila

Job Well Done

I thank you and your team for a job well done. Keep it up! I hope you can help more Filipino family to resolve their issues as like this.

Paranaque City

God Bless!

You are a big help to those who are hesitant to undergo DNA testing because they fear of the high cost … Again, my gratitude to you in serving my brother in law and to myself as well. God bless!

Lapu-lapu City

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The CHEAPEST DNA test in the Philippines is also THE BEST

World-Class DNA Tests at Filipino Friendly Pricing. All paternity tests performed at highly accredited lab.

Laboratory Accreditations/Certifications include:


Hair, Nails Toothbrushes

We can process many alternative sources of DNA if any of your test participants are deceased or unavailable. Please visit our FAQ for a complete list.

Blood, Sperm, Hair, Cigarette Butts, Used Tissues, Drinking Glass to name a few

Self-Service Helps Keep Our Prices Low

Please help us keep our prices low by reading through our website before asking questions ...
… and by not requesting special pricing or payment terms.

For your convenience, you can order our most requested test, the DNA home paternity test, here on this page

even with an older cell phone. If you have never bought anything online and are unsure what buttons to click, we have prepared step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.
  • HomeTest-Top

Home DNA Paternity Test

From: ₱8,900

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  • Quickly and accurately determine whether a man is or is not the father of a child. Easy as 1-2-3:
    1. Collect your DNA in the privacy of your home via simple mouth swab.
    2. Mail the cotton buds to the lab.
    3. Lab work takes 1-2 days. You will receive a detailed test report via email that you may print. We do not supply hardcopy reports for home tests.
  • Beware of unaccredited labs. Our Home tests are run by the same highly trained personnel on the same tightly calibrated equipment as our highly accredited (AABB, NATA, ISO, etc.) “Legal” Paternity Test with full chain of custody. We do not “farm-out” home tests to unaccredited subsidiaries.
  • Alert! If there is more than one possible father and they are related (e.g. brothers), please see instructions below.
  • No hidden charges! Price includes complementary testing supplies with free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines. You are only responsible for the small cost of postage to send your specimens to the lab.

Kindly scroll down for an explanation of your testing options and access to our example test reports. Please take a few minutes to peruse our Help/FAQ/TOS as well.

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Product Description

Quickly and easily determine whether a man is or is not the true father of a child

We do not charge extra for testing the mother’s DNA and greatly encourage that you do so unless she is deceased or insanely uncooperative. Any lab that attempts to charge you extra for testing the mother should be treated with suspicion as discussed in our FAQ: Why Do We Test the Mother at No Extra Charge?

We operate online but still have strong community ties. We are fully licensed and registered with the Department of Trade (DTI) so you can check our record easy enough. We are well-known to our colleagues at the PNP National DNA Crime Lab and, in fact, they refer us cases. We are active in the Rotary Club and other community organizations.

We operate online in order to serve the entire Philippines with affordable DNA testing. There is simply no need to incur expensive travel to avail of modern DNA testing. It is quite simple to collect DNA specimens in the privacy of your home or at your attorney’s office. In fact, you already leave your DNA pretty much everywhere you go, just like your fingerprints. In fact, your fingerprints contain your DNA as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Roxas City, Capiz.

The #1 question that we are constantly asked is: “Why are your DNA Paternity and Relationship Tests priced so low?” That’s usually a polite way of asking if we are “for real“? If you are safe ordering something as important as a DNA test from us? If you are going to receive a high quality test? If there is a catch?

Our low prices are due to a combination of factors. The chief ones being our efficient business model and economies of scale. As with Amazon.com and Lazada.com.ph, we sell exclusively online and provide extensive information on our website so we do not need a large staff. This also allows us to serve the entire Philippines (and beyond), spreading our costs over a larger client base which greatly reduces our cost per client.

Our DNA testing makes use of modern DNA specimen collection that can be easily performed at home or your attorney’s office. This also saves our clients a ton of money on travel and court appearance fees.

We choose to pass the savings on to our clients because we believe in the power of affordable DNA testing to promote justice in the Philippines. We treat paternity testing as a social welfare program not just a business. As such, we are only required to break-even after expenses, not to earn a big profit.

You are entirely safe in ordering a DNA test from our website and will save a great deal of money doing so.

Laboratories do not often make mistakes. 2x double-blind testing is designed to catch those rare instances when something has gone wrong so that you will have complete confidence in the results of your DNA Paternity Test.

Every person is tested twice using completely different machines and laboratory personnel.  The results are then compared by a forensic scientist. Any deviation between the two runs is cause to re-run the test.

We are fanatics about test quality. We do not charge extra to test the mother’s DNA. We do not charge extra to test each person twice to assure that no mistakes have been made.

Unsure what buttons to click to place your order? Click here for step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

Purpose of Test – This is an informational test for your own personal knowledge.

  • While there is nothing to prevent you from printing your test report and submitting it to the authorities, we do not offer it for that purpose and caution you that you will likely spend more money attempting to convince officials that the persons named in your test report were in fact the ones whom you actually tested and that you did not tamper with the lab report than it would have cost you to purchase our Legal Test. Please ask your attorney about chain-of-custody.
  • If you think that you might go to court but have no definite plans, you should select the option of our Legal Test to defer purchasing the notarized, hardcopy report until you are certain that you are going to court. That way you can prove the chain-of-custody should the need arise but not waste your money if it doesn’t.
  • Court is expensive and slow. If you are serious about filing a case, the small additional cost for our Legal DNA Test is a worthwhile expenditure.
  • Your attorney should advise you further. We are restricted by law from providing you legal advice. However, we are permitted to discuss these matters in great detail with your attorney and we do not charge for brief consultations. We suggest that you print the appropriate example report from our website and take it with you to your attorney or the NSO to inquire.

Indicate whether the mother is being tested or only the alleged father and child. We do not charge extra to test the mother’s DNA so most clients avail of this option. More about that in our FAQ

If you would like to test additional children or alleged fathers, please indicate the number of extra participants. There is a small charge for each additional participant however we do not charge for the additional analysis that must be performed to differentiate among related alleged parents as long as they are submitted together. Related potential fathers will have many genes in common so if the possible fathers are related, then you MUST either test them all or purchase our extended panel (possibly both) in order to rely on the results.

In general, it is less expensive to test all possible fathers/mothers and children together than to run additional tests at a later date.

We provide testing supplies free of charge with free shipping via Registered Mail within the Philippines. However you are advised to upgrade to inexpensive courier shipping for domestic deliveries as domestic Registered Mail is slow with highly unpredictable delivery times and is not trackable online. Also post offices here are not open on weekends so orders placed on weekends cannot be dispatched until the following Monday. Always choose a shipping method when you choose to have us provide our testing supplies. You may also wish to consider sourcing inexpensive supplies locally. We will provide you complete instructions including a short shopping list via email within a business day of receiving your paid order.  Cost is typically ₱100 which is even less than domestic courier service and since domestic couriers are not always punctual, this is your fastest, most reliable, and most private way to perform your DNA test. Choose “Nothing to Ship” as your shipping method. You may later order inexpensive supplies on our website if you change your mind after reading the instructions so please be sure that your ship-to address is accurate.

You have two possibilities for determining paternity when the father is deceased or unavailable to cooperate with your testing:

  1. You may obtain DNA from his close relatives and perform a paternity reconstruction or family relationship study. Those are found here. Do not order this option if any of his relatives could also be a potential father.
  2. Collect his DNA from objects on which he has deposited it such as his toothbrush. There is an extra charge for processing these alternative sources of DNA however it is usually less costly than ordering a genetic reconstruction. You have many choices for these Alternative Sources of DNA. Please see the FAQ for additional info., including a sortable, searchable table.

Laboratory services are lightening-fast: 85% of our paternity tests are processed in a single day. 98% within 2 business days. Labs often charge as much just for an upgrade to rush service as we do for the entire test which includes rush processing in our low price. Our laboratories are highly automated so we are able to process paternity tests quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

Dispatch your specimens on Monday by premium courier and you will almost always receive your results report the same week. Save with economy courier service and you will usually receive your test results early-to-middle the following week. We do not promise laboratory hours on weekends and holidays.

Registered mail is slower but only costs around ₱175. We purposely do not bundle specimen shipping into the price of our tests so that clients with extremely limited financial resources can still afford our high quality DNA testing by sending their specimens via inexpensive, slower Registered Mail. So your actual time to receive results will vary from less than a week to upwards of 3 weeks depending on how you choose to ship.

We pride ourselves on fast service however remind you that we are not a provider of emergency medical services. We do not promise instant response 24x7x365. Courier acceptance times vary and shipments can be delayed. Occasionally our lab becomes overloaded and needs an extra day to catch-up. So if you are on an extremely tight schedule where a day or two’s slippage could cause you great concern, kindly avail of a different provider.

We do our best to pack your testing supplies within one business day of our receipt of your paid order. Please remember that shipper acceptance and cutoff times tend to be somewhat loose in the Philippines so it is best to assume that the actual shipment of your supplies begins the the first business day after we pack your order.

Free shipping is via Registered Mail which can take anywhere from 3 days to a week (or more) to reach you depending on your location in the Philippines. Domestic Registered Mail is not trackable online so you will need to contact your local PHLPost office for updates. We highly recommend that you avail of inexpensive courier shipping for the small price of ₱250. Expedited shipping of your testing supplies via courier service is available as an option when you checkout. International shipments cost more and take a little longer, of course.

Shipping time is highly variable and beyond our control. We provide a tracking number so that you know where your supplies are and when they are due to arrive. Please monitor your shipment in case the courier has difficulty locating your house

We have a library of example DNA test reports that you may freely download to see how results are reported. The downloads are handled as zero cost products which can be accessed here. We invite labs to provide additional sample reports and greatly appreciate their support.

The DNA Hustisya Project

Certified testing from ₱8,900

Now you can afford to know

Prenatal Testing

Prove paternity before your baby is born

Prove paternity LONG before your baby is born

Available 9 weeks after conception

₱14,000 Lang

Because the sooner he knows, the better for you all

The most stringent testing procedures of anywhere in the world:


Split sample 2x testing

- every test is run twice

and by 2 different teams


Higher loci to assure a typical 99.99999% POP

Rapid 2 -3 day processing

We arrange financial assistance for those truly in need

Your barangay knows who really needs help

Our sponsors then match their charitable donations

Creating a total savings of up to 3,000 pesos

For example: Home test





Filipino-friendly Ordering and Payment processing

Walang credit card?

- Walang Problema!

So you can order online but still pay near your home

Pay at any of 20,000 Smart payment locations

Free Paternity Test

Before you spend a single peso on a DNA test ...

... you should first avail yourself of free blood type analysis

It's Fast

It's Free

It's Nearly Painless

A pin-prick can save you thousands of pesos

We tirelessly negotiate

with top-tier testing labs

to obtain their best services

at the lowest prices possible

then pass the savings on to you