Consultations are rarely required as we provide very complete information on our website and easy to follow instructions. We have had clients who only attended elementary school achieve excellent results. Nevertheless, we would be remiss to not offer consultations for your convenience and to assure that odd, edge-cases receive adequate attention. For example, establishing paternity for multiple children by different mothers certainly warrants the price of an inexpensive Simple Consultation.

If you absolutely insist that we personally inform you the price of a test even though it is clearly stated on our website, we will accommodate you and charge you accordingly. Order our Concierge service and state your questions in the Special Instructions field.

If you have a high-value legal case, then you will want to order an expert Special Consultation via phone or audio/video chat, typically Skype or Facebook Messenger, and schedule a one-on-one between us and your attorney. Kindly include at least 3 dates/times that he/she is available from which we can select.