Secret DNA Tests

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When a test participant is deceased or unwilling to cooperate with your testing, we can attempt to utilize DNA from objects on which they have deposited it such as a toothbrush. This service extracts DNA present in the specimen you provide and then determines if there is sufficient DNA with which to proceed with a paternity or other family relationship test. As such, it is non-refundable should sufficient DNA not be obtained however a partial refund for a portion of the paternity/family relationship test is possible, the amount of which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

REMINDER: this service is an add-on to a paternity/family relationship test not a replacement for one — You must order a DNA test in order to avail of alternative sources of DNA. Please see the FAQ for additional info. and a wide, sortable/searchable table of alternative sources of DNA.

You may also obtain DNA from close relatives and perform a relationship study.