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Simple DNA Maternity Tests

From: ₱8,500

  • Proof positive that she is or is not the true mother of the child for all matters of parental rights and responsibilities including sustento (child support), inheritance, immigration and adoption.
  • The most accurate test available at any price: 2x Dual Testing, AABB accreditation, no extra charge to include the father’s DNA, and extended loci make this the most accurate maternity test available anywhere in the world. Period.
  • Full litigation support available to assure that your test results can be admitted into evidence.
  • No hidden charges! Price includes all testing supplies with shipping to you or your attorney anywhere in the Philippines. You are only responsible for the small cost of postage to send your specimens back to the lab.

Please scroll down for an explanation of your testing options and access to our sample test reports.

Product Description

Our maternity test provides irrefutable proof that a woman is or is not the true mother of a child provided that if there is a possibility that one of the woman’s close relatives could also be the mother, that she is being tested as well. We do not charge extra for the extensive analysis required to differentiate amongst close female relatives.

Neither do we charge extra for testing the father’s DNA and greatly encourage that you do so unless he is deceased or insanely uncooperative. Any lab that attempts to charge you extra for testing the father should be treated with suspicion for the same reasons as discussed in our FAQ: Why Do We Test the Mother at No Extra Charge?.

We operate online but still have strong community ties. We are fully licensed and registered with the Department of Trade (DTI) so you can check our record easy enough. We are well-known to our colleagues at the PNP National DNA Crime Lab and, in fact, they refer us cases. We are active in the Rotary Club and other community organizations.

We operate online in order to serve the entire Philippines with affordable DNA testing. There is simply no need to incur expensive travel to avail of modern DNA testing. It is quite simple to collect DNA specimens in the privacy of your home or at your attorney’s office. In fact, you already leave your DNA pretty much everywhere you go, just like your fingerprints. In fact, your fingerprints contain your DNA as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Roxas City, Capiz.

The #1 question that we are constantly asked is: “Why are your DNA Paternity and Relationship Tests priced so low?” That’s usually a polite way of asking if we are “for real“? If you are safe ordering something as important as a DNA test from us? If you are going to receive a high quality test? If there is a catch?

Our low prices are due to a combination of factors. The chief ones being our efficient busy model and economies of scale. As with and, we sell exclusively online and provide extensive information on our website so we do not need a large staff. This also allows us to serve the entire Philippines (and beyond), spreading our costs over a larger client base which greatly reduces our cost per client.

Our DNA testing makes use of modern DNA specimen collection that can be easily performed at home or your attorney’s office. This also saves our clients a ton of money on travel and court appearance fees.

We choose to pass the savings on to our clients because we believe in the power of affordable DNA testing to promote justice in the Philippines. We treat paternity testing as a social welfare program rather than a business. As such, we are only required to break-even after expenses, not to earn a big profit.

You are entirely safe in ordering a DNA test from our website and will save a great deal of money doing so.

Laboratories do not often make mistakes. 2x double-blind testing is designed to catch those rare instances when something has gone wrong so that you will have complete confidence in the results of your DNA Paternity Test.

Every person is tested twice using completely different machines and laboratory personnel for each test. The results are then compared by a forensic scientist. Any deviation between the two runs is cause to re-run the test.

We are fanatics about test quality. We only work with laboratories that are both AABB accredited and ISO 17025-2005 certified. We also require our contract labs to add loci as necessary to compensate for genetic abnormalities at no additional cost to our clients. We do not charge extra for the extensive analysis required to differentiate among close male relatives. We do not charge extra to test the mother’s DNA. We do not charge extra to test each person twice to assure that no mistakes have been made.

Purpose of Test – How do you intend to use the test results?

  • Informational tests are the best choice to accurately and inexpensively establish paternity and maternity. Also known as Home, Personal Knowledge and PK, an informational test can be conducted privately, even anonymously, if you wish. However there are usage restrictions imposed by the labs, just as with discount airline seats. In particular, the labs do not offer a notarized report option for use in court. Nevertheless, just as with discount airline seats, you receive the same safety and timeliness while paying less than half that of a full-fare customer.
  • Chain-of-Custody tests preserve the chain-of-custody so that the test results are admissible in court. We are unique in offering you this option of deferring the cost of obtaining a hardcopy of the notarized test report until you are certain that you are going to court. You will still receive a copy of the notarized report by email. Court is expensive and slow. Most clients simply need proof of paternity to change their lives.
  • Legal tests preserve the chain-of-custody and include a hardcopy of the notarized report. We highly recommend that you discuss your situation with an attorney and have your attorney contact us prior to spending the extra money for Chain or Legal tests.
  • Immigration tests are conducted to the precise standards of the country requesting proof of parentage. Our tests and procedures are well-accepted by immigration authorities throughout the world, including the USA.

We do not charge extra to test the other parent’s DNA so most clients avail of this option unless that parent is deceased or extremely uncooperative. More about that in our FAQ

We do not charge extra for the additional analysis that must be performed to differentiate among related alleged parents as long as they are submitted together. If the possible parents are related, then you MUST test them all since they share many genes in common. In general, it is less expensive to test all possible fathers/mothers and children together than to run additional tests at a later date.

You have two possibilities for determining paternity when the mother is deceased or unwilling to cooperate with your testing:

  1. You may obtain DNA from her close relatives and perform a relationship study. Those are found here. Do not order this option if any of her relatives could also be a potential mother.
  2. Collect her DNA from objects on which she has deposited it such as her toothbrush. There is an extra charge for processing these alternative sources of DNA however it is usually less costly than ordering a genetic reconstruction. You have many choices for these Alternative Sources of DNA. Please see the FAQ for additional info., including a sortable, searchable table.
Ship your specimens on Monday by courier and you will typically have your results that Saturday for home paternity tests. Our laboratories are highly automated and so are quite fast — They typically require just 2 or 3 (working) days to process specimens and issue the report. Add half a day for us to perform a final review and email your results. So the total time for you to get your test results is approximately a week when you send your specimens to the lab via courier service.

Registered mail is slower but only costs around P150. We purposely do not bundle specimen shipping into the price of our tests so that clients with extremely limited financial resources can still afford our high quality DNA testing by sending their specimens via inexpensive, slower Registered Mail. So your actual time to receive results will vary from 1 – 3 weeks depending on how you choose to ship.

You can speed things up by ordering a test kit ahead of time, or using your own cotton buds. The latter assures your privacy as well. We provide complete forms and instructions by email if you wish to use your own cotton buds.

We discuss this further in our FAQ.

We have a library of example DNA test reports that you may freely download to see how results are reported. The downloads are handled as zero cost products which can be accessed here. We invite labs to provide additional sample reports and greatly appreciate their support.