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Prenatal Paternity DNA Tests

From: ₱14,000

Determine the father of your baby BEFORE IT IS BORN

The sooner he knows he is the father,

the better for you all

Your baby develops it’s very own DNA at the moment of conception. Half its genes come from his father. Half from you. After a few weeks, this fetal DNA can be collected and analyzed.

The latest non-invasive procedure is safest and most convenient but more expensive for the laboratory to process so we offer you more traditional options to keep this important test affordable.

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Product Description

Quickly and easily determine whether a man is or is not the true father of your unborn child. If your budget permits, then it is safest and much more convenient to isolate your babies DNA from your own blood. However, as there is only a very tiny amount of fetal DNA in the mother’s blood, it is a very precise and therefore, costly test.

You can also collect fetal DNA from your amniotic fluid or through chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Those procedures require the assistance of your OB/Gyne and typically cost around P5000. Even with the OB/Gyne’s fee, the cost will be much less than the blood-based test. Please consult your OB/Gyne BEFORE ordering this test from us.

The information in this section and our FAQ is designed to give you an idea what to expect. We will provide detailed information about the collection, storage and shipping of your specimens when you order your test. We are prohibited by law from giving medical advice so you must consult with your OB/Gyne for more information about amniocentesis and coreonic villus sampling.

We operate online but still have strong community ties. We are fully licensed and registered with the Department of Trade (DTI) so you can check our record easy enough. We are well-known to our colleagues at the PNP National DNA Crime Lab and, in fact, they refer us cases. We are active in the Rotary Club and other community organizations.

We operate online in order to serve the entire Philippines with affordable DNA testing. There is simply no need to incur expensive travel to avail of modern DNA testing. It is quite simple to collect DNA specimens while maintaining proper chain of custody. You already leave your DNA pretty much everywhere you go, just like your fingerprints. In fact, your fingerprints contain your DNA as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Roxas City, Capiz.

The #1 question that we are constantly asked is: “Why are your DNA Paternity and Relationship Tests priced so low?” That’s usually a polite way of asking if we are “for real“? If you are safe ordering something as important as a DNA test from us? If you are going to receive a high quality test? If there is a catch?

Our low prices are due to a combination of factors. The chief ones being our efficient busy model and economies of scale. As with and, we sell exclusively online and provide extensive information on our website so we do not need a large staff. This also allows us to serve the entire Philippines (and beyond), spreading our costs over a larger client base which greatly reduces our cost per client.

Our DNA testing makes use of modern DNA specimen collection that can be easily performed at home or your attorney’s office. This also saves our clients a ton of money on travel and court appearance fees.

We choose to pass the savings on to our clients because we believe in the power of affordable DNA testing to promote justice in the Philippines. We treat paternity testing as a social welfare program rather than a business. As such, we are only required to break-even after expenses, not to earn a big profit.

You are entirely safe in ordering a DNA test from our website and will save a great deal of money doing so.

Laboratories do not often make mistakes. 2x double-blind testing is designed to catch those rare instances when something has gone wrong so that you will have complete confidence in the results of your DNA Paternity Test.

Every person is tested twice using completely different machines and laboratory personnel for the invasive prenatal tests. The results are then compared by a forensic scientist. Any deviation between the two runs is cause to re-run the test. Unfortunately, dual testing is not yet available for the noninvasive (blood-based) test.

We are fanatics about test quality. We only work with laboratories that are both AABB accredited and ISO 17025-2005 certified for the invasive tests. The noninvasive test is still new enough that neither the AABB nor ISO have developed certification procedures for it yet. We also require our contract labs to add loci as necessary to compensate for genetic abnormalities at no additional cost to our clients for the invasive tests. The noninvasive routinely uses 300,000+ markers so this is not a concern. We do not charge extra for the extensive analysis required to differentiate among close male relatives. We do not charge extra to test each person twice to assure that no mistakes for the invasive tests.

If you opt for the convenience of the noninvasive prenatal test, we recommend that you consider availing of our inexpensive paternity testing after the baby is born so that you will have the assurance of dual testing and AABB certification.

Unsure what buttons to click to place your order? We have prepared step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

Purpose of Test – Prenatal tests are primarily intended for informational purposes. While it is possible to maintain chain of custody, we recommend that you put that money towards a regular Legal test once the baby is born.

Please choose the type of specimen that you will be providing for the unborn child. We recommend that you discuss these options with your OB/Gyne BEFORE ordering a test from us.

Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing (NIPPT) is a highly specialized, delicate and patented protocol. It is an expensive test so we require prospective clients to order an inexpensive Special consultation prior to ordering the test itself so that we can take the time to help you evaluate your circumstances.

Please note that our price includes specialized testing supplies that help preserve the extremely small amount of fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood. Our price does not include the blood draw and shipping of specimens. Expedited shipping of clinical specimens can cost ₱2500, possibly more, depending on your location. Blood draws are not expensive however you may need a note from your doctor to authorize depending on the rules of your local med lab.

We will help guide you to the most cost-effective specimen collection and shipping solutions as part of the consultation

WARNING If there is a possibility of more than one man being the father then all should provide specimens (at an additional cost). When possible fathers are related we must perform an in-depth analysis because related persons share much of their DNA in common. For NIPPT, ALL related possible fathers MUST provide their specimens. For invasive (amnio or CVS) you may order our Extended Panel if one of the possible fathers is unavailable.

There is no extended panel for NIPPT tests so all possibly related fathers MUST provide specimens in order to obtain a reliable result.

When you are order an invasive prenatal test for informational purposes, you may collect the alleged father’s DNA from objects on which he has deposited it such as his toothbrush. You have many choices for these Alternative Sources of DNA. Please see the FAQ for additional info., including a sortable, searchable table. These specimens are may not contain sufficient DNA so should be considered a “last resort.” It may also be possible to perform a family relationship test such as grandparentage. Kindly order a Special Consultation  if you would like to discuss this option.

We cannot process alternative sources of DNA nor use specimens from close relatives for the non-invasive test. The non-invasive test requires specimens from the alleged father and pregnant mother (swabs and blood respectively).

You must ship prenatal specimens to the lab via 3-day courier services such as FedEx. The courier will provide leak-proof packaging and they will likely require a note from your doctor that you are noninfectious so be sure to obtain one when while you are there.

We strongly recommend that you ship on a Monday to assure that your specimens arrive the same week rather than sit in a warehouse over a weekend.

Our laboratory is quite fast: It usually requires just 5 (working) days to process an invasive (amnio or CVS) prenatal test specimens. The noninvasive test takes considerably longer: 20+ working days.

We discuss this further in our FAQ.

We have a library of example DNA test reports that you may freely download to see how results are reported. The downloads are handled as zero cost products which can be accessed here. We invite labs to provide additional sample reports and greatly appreciate their support.