The Fastest, Easiest, and Cheapest way to obtain a DNA Paternity Test in the Philippines from an AABB Certified Lab

Most people visit us to prove that a man is or is not the father of a child so we recently converted our home page into a MicroSite to make it as simple as possible for you to quickly and confidently purchase a home DNA paternity test in the Philippines. We still offer a full complement of DNA paternity and family relationship tests in our shop. You can also select by DNA relationship category by clicking Services on our menu at the top of every page.

If you have never bought anything online and are unsure what buttons to click, we have prepared step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

The DNA Hustisya Project is a community resource.

We are not salesmen. We pray for the day that we no longer are the lowest price provider of certified DNA testing in the Philippines so that we can devote all our energies to education, social issues and arranging financial assistance for those most in need.

We do this because we must: Technology has advanced year after year yet the prices charged by the major laboratories and their resellers/distributors remain unconscionably high throughout Southeast Asia. We do this because we can. As Hillel the Elder stated: If not now, when? To this we add: If not me, then who?

Please help us keep our prices low by taking a few minutes to read our Help/FAQ before asking questions. We’ve been doing this a long time so likely your question is already answered there.