Ship on Monday by courier and you will typically have your results that Saturday for routine paternity tests. Our laboratories are highly automated and so are quite fastThey typically require just 2 要么 3 (加工) days to process specimens for routine paternity tests. 添加了半天為我們進行最後審查和通過電子郵件發送結果. 所以總的時間讓你得到你的測試結果是大約一個星期,當你通過快遞服務發送您的標本實驗室.

掛號信是速度較慢,但成本只有P150-200. 我們故意不捆綁運費到我們的測試的價格,以便與極其有限的財政資源客戶端仍然可以負擔得起我們的高品質DNA檢測.

We do our best to pack your testing supplies within one business day of our receipt of your paid order. Please remember that shipper acceptance and cutoff times tend to be somewhat loose in the Philippines so it is best to assume that the actual shipment of your supplies begins the the first business day after we pack your order.

Free shipping is via Registered Mail which can take anywhere from 3 days to a week to reach you depending on your location in the Philippines. Expedited shipping of your testing supplies via courier service is available as an option when you checkout. International shipments take a little longer, of course.

Shipping time is highly variable and beyond our control. We provide a tracking number so that you know where your supplies are and when they are due to arrive. Please monitor your shipment in case the courier has difficulty locating your house.